Retractable Awnings

Turn your Deck or Patio Into a Cool, Shaded Retreat In Seconds

Whether you choose our motorized retractable awning, non-motorized retractable awning or an aluminum awning, you can select exactly the amount of sun or cool shade you want by opening or closing your awning. You can enjoy the sun in the morning with the awning closed, then extend it to create beautiful, cooling shade that blocks out the heat and glare.


Use Your Deck or Patio When You Want rather Than When The Sun Dictates

Great for outdoor meals, entertainig or simply relaxing, your retractable awning offers many additional benefits too. It protects your family from harmful UVA and UVB rays. It can cut your air conditioning bills by keeping the interior of your home cooler.

And by keeping the sun from coming in windows and sliding doors, it can prevent fading of your furniture and rugs. Your awning adds beauty and value to your home - and hours of pleaasure and enjoyment in your life.


Long Island's source for Retractable awningsRectractable awnings for NY that can be customized for size and color

You Can't Buy A Better Awning at Any Price - Yet They're So Affordable

SunScape's motorized retractable awnings have an ultra-reliable motor with the one touch convinience of remote control. Don't need the ease and conviencience of our motorized awnings? Then our manually operated retractable awning opens and closes with a simple hand-crank tool that anyone can use. View some photos of our retractable awnings and see what SunScape Patio Rooms can do for you!